Modern and high-quality dietary supplements, is it really easy for the pet owner to quickly find such a product? When looking for the best dietary supplements for their pet, the owners most often follow the recommendations, read reviews or simply look at where supplements are made, decide on the quality from the package.

The Old Town Veterinary Clinic, having tried and recommended only the best products for your pets, has a number of tips, on the basis of which the owner can judge the quality of dietary supplements:

  • The food supplement is manufactured according to standards like the drug, using high-quality materials intended for the pharmaceutical industry, produced by pharmacists, biotechnologists (ISO standards, certificates, etc.) are indicated on the product packaging);
  • The dietary supplement is balanced in such a way that it is well absorbed by the body, with the required and balanced amount of active substances;
  • The dietary supplement is used and recommended by veterinarians as a significant complement to the entire treatment and health prevention of the animal.
  • Modern dietary supplements strive for environmental friendliness, ethical standards of behavior towards animals.

Reico Vital dietary supplements have been developed and perfected by pharmacists, biotechnologists and physiotherapists. All Reico products are designed to maintain the necessary balance of vitamins and minerals in the animal's body, supplement the diet with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and maintain a healthy microflora of the body.

Reico Vital Naturkraft the line of dietary supplements for pets is made from herbs grown in the alpine mountains, the synergistic effect of which gives extremely good health results. More information will be provided at the Old Town Veterinary Clinic, K. Kalinausko str. 9, Vilnius.

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