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Seasonal preventive health care - a vet check-up, a complete blood test, and nutritional counselling - can help improve your pet's quality of life. Early diagnosis of abnormalities in organ functions (kidney, liver), detecting suspicious lumps under the fur and removing them in time, and parasite prophylaxis are all part of taking care of your puppy's or kitten's health, and also protecting the whole family.

Senamiesčio Veterinary Clinic - exclusive products for the prevention of your pets' health and nutrition. We select only the best food supplements, medicines and feeds. We strive for quality in our services, as well as in the selection and sale of the best products.

Oldtown Veterinary Clinic provides even better Blood Tests and clinical examination for your pet:

Morphological blood test: Determines the inflammatory processes in the body, infectious diseases, the state of the immune system, it is shown by the parameters of leukocytes, erythrocytes, platelets, hemoglobin and other.

Biochemical blood test shows disturbances in the functions of organs-the condition of the kidneys, liver, determines the diabetic state, renal failure, hepatic dysfunction.

CRB reactive protein in the blood – one of the best indicators of inflammation.

The general urinalysis and microscoping indicate the state of the ureters, helping to diagnose diabetes, kidney failure, stones in the ureters.

We are always waiting for you at the Senamiesčio Veterinary Clinic, where you can perform these tests on your pet - Kalinausko g. 9, Vilnius. Tel.: 8 699 61265

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