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In Some cases, anal glands in dogs produce too much amount of mucus which block the glands causing inflamation, infections.

An untreated blockage of the anal glands may become an infection. The Dog is extremely irritable, it may be angry, stinging. In This case the Vet. washes the anal glands, prescribe antibiotics. It is necessary to observe the pet, the untreated infection can turn into inflammation and wounds.

Symptoms that help the dog's owner to identify the inflammation are:
- Irritability, restlessness, the dog can't rest quietly;
- The dog constantly tries to lick, dig or bite around the anus;
- The dog emits an unpleasant smell;
- The pet suffers from constipation, is unable to defecate, and feels pain (snoring) when defecating.

Our clinic's vets have a long experience in treating these conditions, the glands are squeezed, the condition is assessed, and the owner is advised on special diets and nutrition. Always remind your vet to check your puppy's glands, mention if your dog is irritable, bites its tail, its anus, if you notice any discharge or any other signs of health problems.