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The Old Veterinary Clinic is located in Naujamiestis, Kalinausko Str. 9, Vilnius. We provide high quality Veterinary Surgery Services, microchip implantations, issue EU pet passports.

One of the most important aspects of our clinic for Veterinary surgery is safe anesthesia, experienced veterinarians. Veterinary Surgery services include trauma surgery, soft tissue surgery, bone fracture surgery, cross ligament surgery and etc.

You can also receive Pet Vaccination Plan, complete the necessary vaccination records, consult on vaccination issues, EU Pet Passport issues. Our Vet Surgeons are constantly attending international seminars and conferences about the new veterinarian treatments and methods, medicines and small animal dietary in UK and Europe. International certificates acquired. We perform Vet. Surgeries: orthopedic, dental, intestine, Caesarean operations, castrations. Experienced Veterinarians provide Diagnosis and treatment of skin, ear, eye, intestine and other various diseases for small animals.

Old Town Veterinary Clinic Surgeons have years of experience in urological treatments in dogs and cats. Old Town Veterinary Clinic offers high quality Vet. Services by providing only skilled Veterinarian Surgeons and Therapists professionals with extensive experience of performing successful veterinarian practice. We bring innovations in Veterinarian Therapy. We only recommend the highest quality products for the small animal treatment and health prevention. Comprehensive experience in various treatments of different kinds of small animal diseases with a highly Professional attitude. One of the Vet. Surgeons is also a Member of the Royal Veterinary College in the UK.

Oldtown Veterinary Clinic provides one of the best professional Vet. Services in Lithuania. Our Veterinarians are professional, experienced Vet. Surgeons. Veterinarians who work in our clinic have greatest experience in providing high-quality Vet. Services. We provide the necessary tests for the most accurate diagnosis and for the effective treatment of your pet. We also try to provide all the information for the owners, you can be sure to find the assistance in English. Be sure to get best advice on your pet's health issues, diet and nutrition plan, hygiene and physical activity. We provide all the necessary documents if you plan to travel with your pet.


Our new address:
K.Kalinausko g. 9, Vilnius, Tel.: +37069961265.

Dentistry, cleaning dental plaque

The condition of your pet's teeth and gums is an indication of the overall health of the animal's body. If left untreated, dental and gum disease can also affect the animal's internal organs, not just the oral cavity. Periodontitis and gingivitis develop when plaque forms under the gums. Painful, tooth-damaging diseases cause bad breath, tooth loss, and the bacteria that cause these diseases can enter the bloodstream, causing diseases of the internal organs.

Postoperative care

Our Vet. Surgeons are well experienced so your pet's condition will be properly assessed. Veterinarian will examine the signs of bloating, signs of internal bleeding, ultrasonography and blood tests will help to determine the diagnosis more accurately and to apply effective treatment. If necessary, the Veterinarian will apply surgical techniques (in case of gastric twisting, in cases of internal bleeding, removal of foreign bodies, etc.), our Veterinarians provide the good quality anesthesia.

Veterinary surgery

Spaying and neutering of small animals; Caesarean section, assistance during childbirth, 24-hour availability. Surgery of internal organs. All soft tissue operations. Removal of intestinal foreign bodies, eyeball removal, oncology, wound suturing and treatment. After surgery, it is possible to keep the animal in hospital 24 hours a day. Fracture surgery. Kneecap surgery, cruciate ligament surgery, tendon and ligament surgery, joint capsule suturing. Wound cleaning and suturing, dressings. Trauma surgery, wound management, plastering, fixation. Treatment of ear haematomas, surgery. Removal of paranasal glands; Treatment and surgery of abscesses (purulent inflammations). Surgery on nerves and blood vessels. Removal of foreign bodies from skin, soft tissues. Surgery for abdominal hernias. Removal of intestinal blockages, resection of adhesions. Gastric probing and surgery. Urology. Ureteral surgery and catheterisation. Spleen removal.
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